Humbug, Clegg and the public interest

The Guardian today (15 May) reports Clegg as saying that a progreessive alliance with Labour (which a majority of his members favoured) would have been unworkable and unstable. When a politician argues that he is acting in the public interest, and not his own, you can be certain he is suborning the truth and cheating his members and supporters. Numbers could have worked out with Labour but all four of the Lib Dem  negotators with Labour had already got their Cabinet positions sewn up with the Tories, and the Parliamentary party had also been lined up for governmental appointments. When the Lib Dems argue that they could not agree anything with Labour, what they mean is that there were more plums available to them elsewhere. There is a very heavy price to be paid by electors for this unprincipled agreement in terms of jobs and incomes. It is difficult to believe that all this was agreed in four days. Further investigation, when some independant reporter has the stomach and the will, is likely to show that it was plotted many weeks before by Nick and his friend Dave.At the moment the discussion is theoretical but when the Tory bullet is bitten goodwill will turn to doubt, doubt to anger, and anger will sweep away the Lib Dems. leaving our friend Nick and his mates in a discredited Conservative and National Liberal and Democratic Party.I


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