The Big Society

David Cameron made an important speech today on the issues of the reorganisation of the banks, financial regulation, the regulatory roles of the FSA and the Bank of England,  and the problems of the Euro. He said, these are difficult issues and there many differing opinions on them. Frankly these issues demand a commission of enquiry and we have set one up with instructions to report back in a years time. To be honest with you these are matters on which Gordon Brown used to take quick and decisive decisions which, to be fair, he normally got right. But in the Big Society, and in New Politics, we want you to participate and take the ultimate responsibility for what we need to do. I have posted the email address of the Commission on my blog. Why not give the Commission your views? You can be sure that on all the troubling issues of the day we are anxious – indeed very anxious – to have your views. We are all in this together.


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