Let’s Be Fair

We should be fair. The Lib Dems did succeed in getting significant amounts of their manifesto included, in one way or another, into the Coalition programme But not all, by no means all. A LibDem spokesman has pointed out that the party’s policy document covers some 1431 different policies. The Cons. are agape. Are there really that number? They cannot be expected to formulate such policies on such matters as the colour coordination of waste disposal bins, control over open fires in rural areas, and the exact definition of spinach across the Eurozone. The Lib Dems have pointed out that the best way forward would be for the Cons to adopt the 1200 additional policies they can offer rather than the formation of these new working areas allocated to Con Working Groups. A common policy would prevent poicy disagreements and possible conflict. After all is that not want Coalition Governments are about: Lib Dem blackmail to get their policies adopted without any serious examination of its merit?


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