The Coalition and Afghanistan

As readers know, the purpose of this blog is to constructively oppose this Coalition on two grounds: the nature of its formation given that the Coalition programme was never put to the electorate and secondly because its policies taken as a whole and the compromises they involve threaten economic and social stability. It is a misake to conclude that in an alliance the strong dominate the weak. Far from it, as any diplomat knows, it is the reverse. What is David Cameron doing in Afghanistan? Are we witnessing a retreat to pacify the Lib Dems? Does Clegg need to show after a year or two that the Lib Dems have achieved yet another policy goal: the end of an ‘unpopular’ war? I have described Clegg as clever and unscrupolous, Why should it be that it is the Lib Dems who are slaughtered at the the next – and imminent less than two years) – General Election?


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