Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

On the whole, it it is better in both private and public life not to lie. The Coalition proposals to  eliminate the structural deficit in the course of a five year Parliament is a case in point. Is it really necessary to  attempt to do this at a cost of £118 million pounds in cuts in public services and higher taxes? And can it actually be done? Who is to provide the anxious public with  forecasts for the level of unemployment and the effect on tax revenues of such a reduction in debt. But would that be a disaster?  Electors will wonder also in what sense Gordon Brown and the Labour Government is responsible for the crisis. If Gordon is responsible did he personally bring about the American bank crisis and is he to blamed for the considerably more acute financial  crises in Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy? Well no, of course not? I hear you reply. We do not hear the cries of down with Gordon on the streets of Athens.

The truth is that this is a golden opportunity for the Tories to decimate and reduce public services and destroy the welfare state; to build a little Britain in their own image of lower taxes and and charitable services for the poor. And as for the Lib Dems, what do they care? They will go along with this destruction for a glimpse of power. They had better enjoy it now for the entire British electorate are not stupid.


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