The Gathering Storm

While Parliament will always be a rumbustious, confrontational kind of a place there is a new spirit abroad. This gathering of new boys and girls are polite, even deferential. The departure of Gordon Brown has lessened the Cameronian dispatch box  bullying. While this new House of Commons is criticised as being unrepresentative of the country as a whole, I do not see it: maybe the Home Counties are still dominant but the country burrs are there; the  ragbag of Labour members is truly representative of the country we love; and the far-flung representatives of the British Empire, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, with their earnest pressing of special interests, remain in voice. The new Government ministers are polite, well-informed, well-turned out united only by their ritual condemnation of the previous Government who, as we all know, were responsible for original sin.

It cannot last. They all know it cannot. We see in the faces of Boy George, the hapless Danny Alexander, et all a barely concealed fright, even panic. They know not what they do. They are carefully tutored, somewhere they huddle togther in corridors hugging and comforting, cajoling and reassuring, they are caught silent and without words. They are seen to mutter EMERGENCY BUDGET


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