There is No Money

The hapless former First Secetary to the Treasury is going to regret his sardonic comment to his successor that ‘there is no money’. Of course, there is a money, a constant flow of it, and the duty of the Government is to ration it out among deserving and non-deserving causes – to speak a language of political priorities. I do not know on what day of the month our Dave gets his huge public contribution to his second home, a mansion in his constituency, or whether Danny Alexander has suggested that now he has official homes he doesn’t need it. It is after all our money. In the same week that the Government was denying capital commitments for a new hospital and to new industrial investment it was about to provide money for Free Schools. This too is the language of priorities. So who is kidding who? What we do know is that historically parties of the Right always maintain that there is no or too little money. Left to them the State Pension would have been long delayed and the NHS would never have existed in its current form; and in more recent times there would not have been the massive investment in new schools and hospitals. And how illiterate we have become under the Coalition. Every family in the land knows that sometimes you have to spend a pound to save a pound. A new hospital saves money  in lower maintenance costs and delivers higher standards of care. There is a new argument (actually a variation of the old);  abolish targets for hospitals and schools and who will acutally know whether standards are being met in Blackburn as well as Bromley? I have urged honesty in politics and the end of humbug. The Coalition tells us that they are the masters now. well, yes, for a time. Want a Free school  in your street? Why not? Buy now while the offer lasts.


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