I Agree With Obama

It has been reported that President Obama has issued a warning to the G20 group of countries not to seek to cut their budget deficits too soon or by too much for fear of plunging  the world back into depression. I have often imagined how such warnings as these are issued. Is it by email or fax or do Ambassadors deliver letters in the good old fashioned way? We can imagine the scene. Boy George pushes his way into No.10, ‘Dave look what I have received, this note from Obama, have you got one?’ Yes, steady George.’ ‘It’s too late Dave, my budget, what about my budget?’ ‘We go on George, we go on. In these situations you really must have the courage of my convictions.’ ‘Well, yes. of course but don’t we need to say something like. ‘The whole of the civilised world (and part of the uncivilised) approve of our actions. Don’t we need someone’s seal of approval. My mother …I’m sorry to digress but mothers are important – used to put great store on the Goodhousekeeping Seal of Approval. Is that still available, Dave, can we give thought to getting one?’ No George, no it isn’t and we won’t. Look I have really been working on this issue.’ Dave pulls open the drawer to his desk and after rustling among some papers came up with a parchment which he proceeded to read aloud. ‘This George is from Rompuy. Heard of him, no, I don’t blame you. On behalf of the European Commission I solemnly affirm and welcome the actions of your Government to reduce the budget deficit to no more than three percent of National output in eighteen months. There you are George. A seal of approval from the European Commission – ties in the Lib Dems don’t you think? ‘Well done, Dave, it is a relief. Rompuy you say, I shall look him up on the internet. Any blog? No. Oh well we can’t have everything.’ ‘There’s more  George. I’ve tied in Clegg. He is going to say, and I’ve rehearsed it with him, something like this, ‘In a choice between Rompuy and Obama I know where I stand.’ ‘To which I would add that Belgium’s political leaders have always been able to turn a setback into a disaster. It’s a joke, George, for God’s sake, laugh!’ ‘Yes Dave, of course, I shall work this into my budget statement.’ ‘Some people may not take this deficit seriously. It is not a joke even a bad joke. Delete, NOT. That’s pinned it down.’


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