On the Eve

Editors Note

The piece that follows is pure fiction. It bears no resemblance to anything in particular, and it is a well-established fact that the writer is motivated by a sense of fun.

Nicks Journal Monday , 21 June 2o10

Well here we are, surprise, surprise, on the eve of a momentus event – the Budget to end all budgets. I warned the electorate about this sort of thing – they will not be able to say that I didn’t  tell them of it! The title comes from one of my favourite books, Turgenev’s, On the Eve. The eve he wrote about was the Russian revolution. Turgenev was a Liberal who had spent time in France and had got caught up in the romance and inevitability of events; he placed himself at the centre of Europe and longed for social, economic and parliamentary reform. He did not see what we know now: that in a revolution you cannot stay still; you are driven to an extreme in which bolder and more ruthless men grab power for their own advantage. They had their own definition of the Big Society in Russia. I have learnt a lesson from it; from the young Stalin no less, stay close to your enemy and your friend alike, for one is very like the other,  and destroy your enemy before he attacks you- and perhaps your friend if need be. I shall be very watchful on Tuesday.


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