In the Long Term

Pain now and bliss sometime in the future, and hopefully in time for the next General Election, will be the Budget message today. But as Keynes reminds us, in the long term  we are all dead. The long term is always the most uncertain and never more so as in the post-war world. There is a real and distinct risk that this golden future will never arrive: cut, cut, cut across Europe and our major export market will slip the developed world,  if not into depression,  to something approaching a journey in bottom gear. How easy it is to talk big, how difficult it will be for millions facing unemployment and lower pay. ‘Well’  says your doctor, ‘be reasonable about this, everyone has to die sometime, and you alas, cannot be an exception.’ A big call George and somehow, taking everything into consideration, the wrong answer. Be reasonable, about this. It is true that all his life has led him to this point of destiny. He is a human being after all is said and done. We all make mistakes.


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