Suppose that George is Right

I hear a rumble of protest. ‘I thought this chap Charlie was a revisionist of the Danny Blanchflower school and if so what is he going on about.’ Well, I am,  but I could on this occasion be wrong. To err is human, after all. What I mean is just supposing that the Coalition succeeds in its central task of eliminating the budget deficit  and structural black hole in the course of a Parliament, that employment having dipped recovers  and people begin to enjoy a real increase in their disposable income. Alan Budd has suggested that this is a real possibility. Mrs Thatcher managed it after all, so why not Boy George? It is popularly supposed that the Falklands War saved Mrs Thatcher but the facts show otherwise:  Tory popularity was recovering in the polls before the war. When would we know whether George  was succeeding? In a year’s time, I guess it should be obvious one way or the other. At this moment – assuming success-  it would be tempting for our Dave to dish Cleggie. Why should the Tories go along with electoral reform when it had become clear to all that they  could win a majority under the first past the post system? And what should Labour’s strategy be,  assuming that although quite, quite mad, Boy George had been  vindicated. I shall return to this thought.


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