Busy Doing Nothing

This is a very business Government  with a new policy, it would seem, every hour. There are two documents which govern their formation: the Conservative Manifesto and the Coalition agreement. You might think that these documents set out a programme for a full term, with a hope for five years, but at the current rate of consumption, the Government will have fullfilled its mandate by the autumn budget statement. Why the urgency? The thought crosses the mind that this is a programme for one or two years. The shorter period if you are a Tory and the latter if a Lib Dem. If the Coalition is ditched early  both parties wish to be in a position to say, ‘Look at what we have achieved, just imagine what we could do given the time.’ The Lib Dems need to say, ‘ We promised you constitutional reform and we gave it to you. We were not responsible for all this pain, guv, we promise you.’ Watch the timing of the Constitutional Bill very closely – it is the best single guide to the date of the next General Election – oh, and,  of course, the exchange rate for the Euro!


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