Iraq: and the missing question

There is a question to be posed to those who argue that the  invasion of  Iraq was unlawful. The United Nations sits at the heart of the world’s resistance to tyrannical and dangerous states that threaten their neighbours. The Security Council  is empowered on the vote of the five permanent members of the Security Council to resist, or more precisely to authorise, the use of force to resist the potential agressor. But what happens if they don’t agree? There is a paradox here: if they agree anything can happen and if they do not nothing that can be done that would be effective. Imagine a situation where Iran was on the point of a nuclear rocket attack on Israel. Like Iraq, Iran has steadily opposed all peaceful attempts at the UN to persuade it to abandon its nuclear weapons. China and Russia veto any action being taken against Iran. What do you think Nato should do? Nothing, because the UN has not explicitly sanctioned the use of force, or stand by, while Israel deals with the threat?  Don’t know? Get serious!



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3 responses to “Iraq: and the missing question

  1. Good reason for there to be a serious investigation into the events leading up to our invasion of Iraq. Let’s find out what happened once and for all.

  2. Ben
    And what happens if all the questions are asked and answered and we are no closer to a resolution of the issues? What do we do then?

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