Scratch an Englisman

It is said that to sctatch an Englishman is to find an immigrant by which is meant that the English are a mongrel race and most of us when we trace our ancestry find  evidence that our forebears were not English at all. It is not a national weakness. England  society is multi-cultural and life here is enriched by the diverse experiences of those who live here.  I would not have it otherwise. Oh, yes, say the critics but is it not true that we have absorbed vast numbers of European and other migrants in recent years and it is all too much for us crowding out our hospital and surgery waiting rooms, and denying our own workers jobs at decent wages. And what is also true is that these people claim vast sums from our beneficent welfare system, that is  from us really, the taxpayer. There are now far too many people living here. Well it is true that many people have come and equally true that many English people have left to their equal benefit. What we know is that up to eighty percent of the people who come have a perfect right to do so because as citizens of the European Union they have been given it. Well I didn’t agree to that. Well you did because freedom of movement of persons and capital is an essential part of what we mean by the European Union and the country voted its approval of it in a referendum in 1972. We are all enormous beneficiaries of it.  That may be but did the people who voted really know what they were voting for, answer me that?  It was a collective decision and as an a democracy we abide by the result. Did everyone know everything and could they all see into the future? Of course not. But isn’t that the nature of a democratic decision? There is a debate, people are encouraged to take part in it and at the end of the day people decide collectively. Well all this may well be true but we are a small over-occupied island and the population growth is too  much for us. It is complex this new argument of yours.  In general it is not true. There are many countries more densely populated then our own and only ten percent of the land area is settled. Net immigration is only one factor leading to population growth and anyway it is beneficial and over the last twenty years has been a major factor in the growth of the economy that has benefited everyone. Now  for a question of my own. Be honest. Isn’t the root of your objection to immigration that you dislike strangers, especially if they are coloured, a different religion from you and  look different? What surveys across Europe tell us that in Europe  some thirty percent of people are to some extent or another racially prejudiced. You say that you are not but you are really. You say things like, Its not personal Jack, you are a decent chap and my friend but the others are useless; and the trouble with this team or the other is they have too many coloured players and they don’t work hard enough. Look you are my friend and so I must be blunt with you: I don’t like your racial jokes and I would be grateful if you did not make them to me. More on this theme anon.


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