Too Many of Us (sorry you!)

This is a precis of a point made by Nick Clegg in the House of Commons.

‘It will not come as a surprise to you that the Coalition believes there are too many MPs. Numbers have grown compared say with  1215 (another historic reform year). You might say to me that as the population  has grown it is not unreasonable for the number of members to have grown also. It is the nature of things. What then is the evidence that there are too many of us (sorry you). Well it is obvious that on a good day, perhaps when I am speaking, all the seats are taken and many members must stand. What are we, a tube train?  We propose that there  should be  six hundred members and that the  average number of electors  should be 75,000. The Honourable Member, yes, you sir, the one with the strange haircut, for Wolverhampton , you say, and it serves you right sir,  I can recommend a decent barber (laughter on the govenment benches), tells the House that the population will continue to rise and that we shall have to revert to larger numbers of members in less than a decade. Well, yes, in Wolverhapton, perhaps, but not in West London. We are taking steps to move on undesirable people. The Honourable Member should get with it. Politicians are unpopular. If I ask the population in  a referendum, a constitutional device favoured by me and many other popular dictators (sorry, politicians) in history,  whether they agree with this opinion, the answer will be  a resounding YES. You can see from this argument alone that the Coalition constitutional proposals are based on rational and compelling evidence. God bless our government – and me.’


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