Fig Leaves and Sir Alan Budd

Sir Alan Budd has disappeared. He has left his post as the Director of George Osborne’s Office for Public  Responsibility in a fit of private conscience and mutterings about the need for independance and impartiality. So what now? It doesn’t appear that there is any way of fixing the situation before the presentation of the Budget Forecast in the autumn. Soon the political elites will be on holiday in the South of France, in villas on exotic islands and as guests on board yachts owned by  unidentified oligarchs (preferably Conservative party donors) and there will be little time for rearranging the chairs. Here is a word of advice for Boy George. Do not appoint a man with scruples and integrity for he might have a viewpoint of his own. Oh, and yes: Do not put your trust in an economist, especially if he is good.


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