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We have in the Coalition an association of ruthless and unscrupulous people who, in Parliamentary language, are entirely willing to dissemble even when they have been found out  – in  real English they lie. In this they follow the advice of Dr Goebbels one of the most notable of liars in recent history. To make a lie stick you repeat it time and time again. Michael Gove and the financing of the school building programme is the case in point that readers will be familiar with. However, there is a far more important and revealing lie which the Financial Times, in an outstandingly good piece of financial journalism, has brought to our attention today. The issue is whether the Office for Budget Rsponsibility (the OBR) is as the government portrayed a forecasting service independant of ‘fiddling by the government’. You will remember George Osborne’s language when describing the activities of  previous governments. The short answer is no it is not. For the long answer read the Financial Times. Briefly the government interfered to reduce the OBR’s pre Budget estimate of unemployment and so was able to argue that there would be less public service unemployment under the Coalition’s  proposals compared to Labour. Sir Alan Budd and his colleagues have resigned, (are there letters of resignation and has anyone interviewed them?), a supine House of Commons sleeps, and newspapers are precocupied with greater and more immediate matters. Is there anyone out there who cares?


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