I Am Mr Average

I am Mr Average but not the Man on the Clapham omnibus you understand. (laughter). Frankly, I do not think he ever existed, but the kind of guy you would recognise as someone who  might live in your street. Actually, I do your live in your street. (laughter). You wish to know, and I am pleased to tell you, how I am getting on in these troubled times. The short answer to this is fine. I’m OK. I have kept my job, you see. I work in the City for a reliable firm. I am reliable and, if I flatter myself, consciencious. No salary increase this year, but what the hell, we are all in this together aren’t we and I’m glad to keep my job? Every morning I drive to the nearest underground station. I have an arrangement to park in someone’s drive and then I go in by train. I read a book. Our library is closed now, more’s the pity, but I can change my book in town  on Saturday mornings when we go shopping.Things are tighter for our family because my wife, Sarah, lost her part time job, and we have had to make some changes. She is down in the dumps because this job gave her some independance, which is a good thing.  No Saturday maths tuition for Wayne, more’s the pity for he is a bit slow. I used to help him but I can’t  now. Some people think that education standards have slipped but, frankly, I can’t do the sums he has difficulty with. Are we worse off? I’ll tell you our secret. We have a variable rate mortgage and we are better off, we pay a lot less as a result of lower interest rates. I can’t tell you how helpful this is to us. Of course overall our standards have slipped but we are managing. I am a Tory voter and this is a Tory seat. Frankly, I like it this way. A better class of people, don’t you think? But as I am confessing here, I have voted Labour in the past and Labour did some good things. Don’t you agree? I don’t think I like this Coalition much. Of course, politicians working together is a good thing but you know the  jokes ‘what do you get if you cross a  sheep with a kangaroo? A woolly jumper!’ A good joke that. I often tell it. Looking ahead ? Things will get worse before they get better. They usually do. But if I were to lose my job, perish the thought, it wouldn’t, the future I mean. How will I vote next time? I don’t know. In our office none of us know. We put on a brave face and pray a little. Nothing wrong with that. What do I think of Cameron? He’s a bright fellow. Very energetic, hyper active they called it in Wayne’s class, smarms his hair down, going bald, but I don’t suppose you meant that, did you? No, I thought not. Well I’ll tell you a secret. I don’t like yahboo politics. Learnt that at Eton I expect (laughter). Cleggie? Well I think he looks an unhappy man. Not good for confidence in a politician. But then we all have our problems don’t we?


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