Can Labour Cut It?

The air is blue with propaganda. The Coalition’s hold on power is precarious and it is running like the clappers with a policy a day to implement election promises. The message will be. ‘This is what we promised to do, and by golly we did it.’ Well, yes, they did. I must confess that when unannounced, and suddenly, the concept of the Big Society was launched   I thought it a smokescreen to cover up the disasters of austerity. But alas the Tories do believe it. Are they guilty of ignoring the ancient homily there is only one thing worse than  believing your opponent’s propaganda and that is  believing your own?

 There is something luridly attractive about a man or a party  with strong beliefs. As the pilot crashes the plane we can but admire his conviction that even at the last moment he will succed in landing  it safely with cheers from the relieved  and grateful passengers.

 As we listen to the Labour leadership contenders it is difficult to understand their messages. They read as incantations of wrong-doing from people who were rightfully rejected for their sins. Is this what we need to hear? Handringing from penitents. Is the propaganda line, ‘We can do better and we promise to try.’  Do they believe the Coalition propaganda and have they lost confidence in their own.? What about a bellow of defiance and a steely resolve to get rid of the Coalition before it gets rid of you?

In electoral terms there is something of a pendulum and it swings. If the Coalition holds on past the cuts  the pendulum will continue to swing in its direction. One more push and it is there  for the next ten years or  more which is time enough to ruin a great many lives. We need the Labour Party to get its act together – and fast. What is the BIG IDEA?


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