Be a Busybody

Yes, can you credit it!. I thought of this idea by the pool on the last day of my hols. I’m sure you have had the same sinking feeling. Back to work on Monday, catching up, filling in forms talking to the accountants, busy, busy. What a life. Then it came to me. Let’s stop the world and get off. We politicians on the right side (that’s a pun, if you have missed it!) prefer small government, low taxes, minimum state benefits and each man for himself. Of course we can’t go to the electorate with this message. Be reasonable, no one would vote for it! It dawned on me. Instead of talking about small government, why don’t we talk about The Big Society. You don’t need the hidden hand of government, no, no, no. Do it yourself. That’s right you cut the grass in the park. Paint the railings yourself. Well not entirely on your own, form your own association. Have you thought of helping the Salvation Army work the soup kitchens, or Oxfam deliver clothes coupons to the deserving poor? I guess there are some still around. That is the sort of thing we did at Eton, visiting elderly people, cutting their grass and doing some shopping. I can tell you that this was an eye-opener. Goodness, the smells.Now I know what you are going to say,y ou work shifts, perhaps, and cannot call time your own. Or you are a long distance lorry driver and arrive back in the early hours tired and hungry. Some of you have children to look after, breakfasts to get and car trips to and from school, attendance at sports day and so on. Don’t be selfish. Your country needs you. Put time aside for others. Look, I’m not a fool. I know that some of you go to football matches, slip down the road to the pub in the evenings, play bingo, watch your local football team. that sort of thing. And why not. But fit in your community service as well. You can do it. Lastly, and not least, it will transfer power away from  people like me, to people like you. You can tell people what to do. Yes, you can. No food coupons for you or a sub to help you out because I know you have savings and I have seen you down at the social. Pay, I hear you mutter at the back, what about the pay. You must be joking. You will do this for the satisfaction of serving your community. There is no money. Not our words but those of a  Labour Government. Oh, I almost forgot, have you thought of helping the farmers in your area bring in their crop. Healthy work, it will do you good. You could organise this in your office. I know many of you are unempowered. Who cares about what you do? Now’s your chance. You too can be a busy-body. With a little practice you can put anyone in their place. Believe me, I’ve done it.



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  1. This is a good blog, it is encouraging to see people giving value
    through great post.Thanks

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