Why Have a Parliament?

Well, good question. A Coalition spokeman said that in the long term he couldn’t think of a reason. In the Big Society most of what is done by legislators could be given to unpaid volunteers. There were such issues  as declarations of war and their conduct and repressive measures  against terrorists  that might require consideration centrally. But these could be considered by revamped Privy Council. After all for hundreds of years this how it was done. Just think of how much money could be saved that way. A lot, really. Locally? Ask this question? Do we really need local authorities at all? For two hundred years powers have been taken away from them. Perhaps this is the time for a final push. Just ask yourself, don’t you think that Volunteer Assemblies could do the job? What is so special about managing local services that an expensive bureaucracy is needed. Our central watchphrase is down with bureaucrats. Are there vacancies for them in the private sector? Of course, your bleeding hearts will tell you that there are not. False, even at the depths of the depression it is estimated that there were 20,000 vacancies in call centres alone. These calls require firmness and double speak. Who is better qualified than a bureaucrat? I realise that there will be opposition to our suggestions. There are some people who always object. We shall listen to them. The question to be asked of them is, ‘What are your proposals for eliminating the deficit?’ I can tell you know that we shall be greeted with a mighty silence. Those who criticise should tell us their plans, don’t you agree? All this will take time to do. But it is scheduled. Much of it can be done by September next. If you have suggestions, please let us know quickly. What did you say sir, pointing to a person at the back, please speak up. Representative government, what has happened to it?  Oh, and how do we bring these volunteers to account? Be reasonable sir, they are not being paid and you wish to make disagreable comments to and about them. Shame on you sir for that. If you want to have a say, roll up your sleeves and join in. (Wild applause from the audience).


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