Charles Kennedy, You Say…

Charles Kennedy, you say, Its no surprise, You could see it in his eyes. But George and Ted , the second row, Now that’s a blow. The Northern Group? They met at Crewe, Ian, Daniel, Jane and Sue. None of these were even starters, I’ll have their guts for garters.The Group that met at Hythe, you say. Six of them, They met today. No way! Hold on Simon, If I’m right, That’s thirty five, Enough are left to stay alive. Speak up Simon, The line and I are faint. At thirty five, there’s no complaint. Steel myself, is he involved, I shall be bold. There’s more, you say, the Western group, They  met at Bath, Now there’s a laugh. Now let’s be clear, Simon, By my reckoning three remain, Danny’s led me quite a dance, Last seen,  ferry-bound for France? Considering your position, Simon, et tu, I cannot quite believe of you. The keys? You want the keys to Cowley Street, You speak for all. It’s come to that,  Usual place,  brown envelope beneath the mat. I must tell Dave, There’s me to save. Speak up Simon please speak up, You say he knows,  He told you? Good Lord!


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