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The Corbyn and the Limpet

‘The time has come’ the Corbyn said, to talk of other things,
Of protests, flags and demos,
Of Engels, Marx and other friends,
And why the birds have wings.’

The Corbyn thought of many ways
His message to convey,
Of tweets, and leaflets, mail and phones
And calls to Higher Things.

The Limpet, on his slimy rock,
Had gifts to give his friend,
A mighty shell to ward of blows.
A stickyness to stay on post.

And thus their friendship was replete,
The blast of revolution complete
The raging waters that they stirred
Was soundly rooted in the deep.


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It may have escaped your attention but a miracle has happened: in a mere 48 hours 180,000 people joined the Labour Party the majority of whom want to vote for Jeremy Corbyn as Leader. To put this in perspective, and to the best of my knowledge, the total membership of the Conservative Party, quarried out over many years of campaigning,  is 160,000! If Jeremy Corbyn were to take a brisk walk to the Serpentine this morning many observors would expect him to walk on water. Of course he couldn’t do it but his dream of becoming Prime Minister burns brightly for him – or so he thinks.

In public discourse most people describe their opponents as nice people and the more they recognise disagreeable character traits in others the greater the need to be polite about them . I have crossed paths with Jeremy as a member of the Hornsey Labour Party and a Haringey Borough Councillor. There were many objections to Jeremy in Haringey. He was generally regarded as a person of limited intelligence and management experience who made up for his limitations by devious behaviour. People objected and then finally acted against him.

How can Jeremy’s opponents convey their real objections to him and his supporters?  They need to convey to others that they regard him as mediocre and an unsuitable person to lead a major political party in modern Britain. If this were a job application which we have all endured, he wouldn’t be interviewed: poor educational qualifications, no management experience, inability to work with others, personal deficiencies and an inabilty to work with others.

History is littered with successful politicians with Jeremy’s attributes who have ploughed their way to power. It must give Jeremy hope. The issue for the  Labour Party can be paraphased. How do good people come to the aid of the party? Is it the wrong time for the talented and the good? God save us all.






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