UK Security Under Corbyn

This post is fictional. The conversation recorded here is pure imagination and did not take place in real life.

MI5 Morning George.  It’s time we had a chat about Jeremy Corbyn. Getting serious, I think.

MI6 Do you believe  so? Poor ratings. Of course you can do a lot of damage by an ill informed national debate not that he wants to talk about security. What do you think is at risk?

MI5 Well the usual subjects of course.. Trident and our nuclear defense is the obvious issue. A Corbyn led government would cancel Trident.

MI6 If he could. He might not have a majority for that. But poor support for NATO is more real, I think. He would be so busy spending money that he would rat on the 2 percent of GDP. And then we have to think of our own services: lower budgets, of course, but a lack of parliamentary consensus  could be very damaging.

MI5 What I fear most is  neglect. I can’t imagine Corbyn active on the world stage protecting British interests. I fear ignorance and indifference rather than a plethora of wrong-headed decisions.

M16  You are too complacent. I think we shall have a number of poor judgements some  of which could be very serious indeed. Imagine the press conference after a meeting with Putin. ‘ I have expressed my sympathy to the President for his wish to reincorporate territories into the Russian Federation. There are historic claims to the Baltic States and  Ukraine that deserve serious consideration. We should all sit down together in friendship and talk about them.’

M15 That’s over larding it I think but I get what you mean. More seriously, what can we do about it?

M16 I could arrange a brain transplant. (laughter)

M15 Don’t tempt me!!



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