Say no to tyranny

We see now that the Coalition wishes to cement its precarious hold on power by gagging the Opposition. The proposal is that this Parliament is to last for five years and a Confidence Motion in the Commons cannot succeed (if it has its way) unless 55 percent of the vote is achieved and not a simple majority of 1.

The British system of Government is Parliamentary Democracy and it has always been the proud democratic belief in Britain that the people can get rid of Governments with which they profoundly disagree. This belief in Parliamentary supremacy can only be regarded as genuine (Clegg would say real) unless there is mutual trust between people and their Parliamentary representatives..

The central argument of the Coalition is that the economic situation demands that extraordinary powers should be given to the Government: that in this crisis power should be shifted to those ‘in the know’ and managed by them. This economic management is deeply monetarist in philosophy and exists as if Keynesianism and neo-Keynesianism views had never been thought about. It is Platonic, as you would expect from people with a nodding acquaintance with the Classics.

So who are these people in the know? They turn out to be a bunch of elitist public school and Oxbridge graduates from largely privileged backgrounds who like Platonic wise-men know best.

The cry of the need for National governments is most common among authoritarian and fascist regimes. Of course, nowadays the impulses of dictators have to be managed: it is difficult to imprison and harass one’s opponents even with the support of a docile press.

I prefer to trust the people. After a very brief honeymoon period (which arguably will be very short) the electorate will react)

I am looking to support or assist to create a protest movement now before too much damage is inflicted on those who cannot fight back.

14 May 2010


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